Who Are THEY.?

As I work my mundane nine to five, one thought comes to mind: “Why can’t I be in Seattle for the tour opener of THEY.’s debut album?”

Nearly two years in the making, the album is something that definitely stirred up some excitement. Many people will probably categorize their music by comparing them to the likes of Bryson Tiller. THEY. deserves their own recognition. Their style mixes pop, rock, rnb, and rap sounds together. It’s the perfect blend of music that’s refreshing and downright catchy.

With the release of their debut EP, Nu Religion, I’ve been anticipating an album, followed with a tour. Upon first hearing tracks “Say When” and “Deep End”,  I knew this duo was different. The rock influence and heavy guitar sounds are prominent in each song. Both of these songs are also featured on Nu Religion: Hyena. When listening to their first album, it’s easy to get lost in each track because of the smooth, quality production. However, when you break things down, it’s clear that there’s a little sample of everything. With “Dante’s Creek”, listen to pop sounds with a melodic rendition of Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want to Wait”, and with “Motley Crue”, witness the rapping ability in the second verse.

There are very few artists that catch my eye these days. Frankly, I’ve been a bit lazy with staying in tune with the music industry these days. But, if I ever stumble across a “Very Hot” track on HotNewHipHop.com that happens to have the name THEY., you better believe I’m listening to that song and supporting a movement. THEY’re young, THEY’re artists that will soon live like rock stars, and simply put, THEY are the “Nu Religion”. If you don’t believe, you better start believing. These guys are here to stay and they’ve excited a new generation of music. Don’t sleep.

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