Science Experiment or Ceviche?


It all started with one trip to OMSI After Dark, and a last stop visit to the planetarium for some free drinks. A server (sorry, forgot his name) poured my friends and I plenty shots of this coffee liqueur, even though we had run out of drink tokens. In most cases, it’s the food that draws attention to a restaurant. However, in this case, despite having many drinks after OMSI, I couldn’t shake the memory of this outstanding drink. I kept remembering two things: Lechon and coffee liqueur. On a normal weekend day of perusing different happy hour options on Yelp, my girlfriend and I finally made the plunge. Of course, we went in search of this glorious coffee drink. Unfortunately, this drink still remained a legend but we did experience a whole new world of happy hour.

Since this place does have many tapas, I decided to choose a classic margarita to accompany our food choices. The margarita was a perfect mix of sweet with an alcholic kick to get the day going. For our food options, we went with the ceviche and empanadas. The empanadas were crisped beautifully with just the right amount of beef and cheese to complement the crust. The ceviche was brought out with a dropper full of a honey-like substance and was topped with tequila foam. Although we both admired the playfulness of this dish, the foam did take away from the flavor of the fresh shrimp and cilantro. Overall, we were very pleased with our array of good eats.

The people who are like-minded and pay attention to all the details of their dining experience will come to love this place. For Pete’s sake they have a fish tank and another tank full of live jelly fish! This place makes for a great date, day or night. Grab some lovely bites to eat and go out for a refreshing walk on the waterfront to top things off. Lechon just might be that special go-to spot.

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