That’s My Crudo.


That feeling you get when the keys hit in your favorite hip hop track. That feeling you get when you get your paycheck. That feeling you get when you (insert moment of pure bliss). Eating at Jacqueline makes all of these feelings come forth. When you think of French food, you think elegant, delicate, and flavorful foods. These adjectives could also describe the atmoshphere. Jacqueline is a great way to “stunt” on your significant other or date. You are first presented with a teal colored door which is also a theme in the interior design of the place. In my reviews you will notice I mention the little details a lot (they go a long way). The teal color goes well with their image and brand, as it is seen on the menu, wallpaper, napkins, etc. The setting alone will set the mood right. On top of that, a glass of wine or a finely mixed cocktail will be an essential part of your meal. Happy hour is everyday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with DOLLAR oysters on the HALF SHELL! Honestly, I should just stop my review there, but there’s more.

These oysters are very fresh and come with a nice array of sauces and flavors. Add spice or a vinegar taste to your liking to enjoy these bad boys that, for the most part, are locally sourced. Aside from the oysters, the hamachi crudo, fried oysters, and chicken liver mousse are all worth trying. I don’t want to get lost into each dish, however, my number one draft pick out of the three is definitely the fried oysters. These were topped with jalapenos and other peppers and were placed on top of a flavorful mayo that balanced out the spice. Each bite popped with flavor and you still got that taste of fresh oyster because the fry was spot on.

I definitely want to go back to try different entrees. This place is a good way. Everytime I have been, I go for the dollar oysters thinking I’ll only spend 20-30 dollars. Instead, I end up spending 60-70. Every penny is worth it. Every penny.

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